Deadlock: After 100 leaks, Valve still hasn’t addressed the game

May 26, 2024 by No Comments

Deadlock is widely rumored to be Valve’s next title, a multiplayer-focused, third-person, hero-oriented shooter rooted in a lore-rich universe. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more than 100 leaks hit social media and content-sharing platforms worldwide, with the quality of said leaks improving over time. From full-scale gameplay edits to walkthroughs of the character library, an incredible amount of content has been pulled from Deadlock – but Valve has yet to officially acknowledge the game’s existence.

It may be here

Some of the gameplay mods that appeared on platforms like Twitter (X) featured scenes that looked unusually well-polished. The first leaks from Deadlock looked lackluster and depressing, but despite the fact that it dropped several days ago – they’re believed to be a very early build of the game. Here’s an example of recent deadlock leaks creating buzz on social media:

Deadlock, once known as Neon Prime, has evolved from a more sci-fi title into a mix of different aesthetics. In the game, there is an array of characters that float between a variety of themes, from robots to Victorian police officers and from traditional monsters to supernatural warriors. With clear inspirations from Team Fortress 2 surfacing, Deadlock could be a strong contender for the likes of Overwatch 2.

However, despite this information and content appearing online, Valve has yet to acknowledge the game There is. It is not known when it will be released, but it is expected to drop in 2025. These playtests account for most of the leaks, which are seeing a lot of positive feedback about the game being cleaned up pretty well.

Do you play Deadlock?

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