Deliver to Us Mars developer KeokeN lays off all employees

April 30, 2024 by No Comments

KeokeN, the developer behind Deliver Us Mars, has announced that all studio employees have been fired immediately. The decision was made after attending the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and failing to come up with anything “substantial”.

in a The announcement was posted on TwitterCEO Koen Deitman and managing director Paul Deitman explained the choice to let go of its remaining employees.

“Heartbroken, we had to fire our team at KeokeN because nothing materialized directly after our visit to GDC,” they said. “We have unfortunately exhausted all of our possible options for publishing, work-for-hire and co-development.”

They continued: “Paul and I were hit hard, but far from beaten. As we have done before, it is our personal mission to rebuild Keoken brick by brick, in the name of our people and to carry on the legacy of our games.

In addition to asking for leads on positions for laid-off employees, the announcement states that a Kickstarter will be launched for Deliver Us Home.

“It’s one small step for KeokeN, one giant leap for home delivery for us. We build a game for you and with you,” he said.

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