Delta Force: Hack Ops trailer showcases stunning visuals

May 21, 2024 by No Comments

A new trailer has been published online ahead of Summer Games Fest, showcasing a minute of stunning vistas and sumptuous visuals from Delta Force: Hack Ops. It’s a game that’s fast entering mythic status, and while a few teaser sequences have appeared online and the developer – TiMi Studio – is hyping the game, we’re yet to see concrete evidence that it’s a real thing we can do. Play anytime.

Black Hawk Down

Delta Force: Hack Ops looks like a fever dream for a Battlefield fan. It features large-scale combat with vehicular warfare, destructible environments, and real-world, gritty gunplay reminiscent of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield, often considered the pinnacle of the franchise. In a recent Delta Force trailer, we got a look at some related content, such as a ‘specialist-based’ operating system and some weird, out-of-place gameplay abilities that border on ‘basically out of place’.

In the recent Delta Force: Hawk Ops trailer, we got a minute-long look at some of the game’s locales, as well as several weapons. The short video shows off some tasty lighting elements and some dynamic weather effects, but aside from a character doing a ‘super slow trailer walk’ across a series of multiplayer maps, there’s not much to take away:

It’s great, but at the moment it’s hard to be anything more than a Battlefield clone. Some naming conventions for multiplayer modes (‘Hazard Operations’) are also a bit too close to the line. On June 7, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Delta Force: Hack Ops as the game gets underway Another trailer Game fest in summer.

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