Destiny 2 Great Tip: You don’t have to play Tribute.

April 4, 2024 by No Comments

So once again the Iron Banner is on. Fate 2 players, but once again the failed Tribute Game Mode experiment has entered circulation. When Tribute debuted in December, the community complained so loudly that the half-baked and untested event was pulled after just one day to the expected week-long timeframe. Now it’s time Bungie Trying to boost Tribute again though the whole mod looks bad. In Tribute you kill enemies, grab the crests they drop, and stab them into posts to score points for the team’s victory. or something like that. Most players fly by ignoring the unknown mechanics save for the few who exploit them to camp out on dunk points and promote cheap play. It’s a mess, and nothing feels worse than trying to be an idiot who’s actually just trying to play the way you want it to be pulled out from under you when the sting point randomly pops. Teleports to just as you are about to start your animation.

But there are two new weapons available in this week’s Iron Banner. Well a new one from an archetype we haven’t seen before and an old one rehashed with a clever new perk pool to roll with, pretty new. Unfortunately, the community is reporting a pretty bad first day for the new guns. It’s even worse if you have to grind Tribute to deal with the low drop rate, but here’s a great tip: You don’t have to play the tribute!

Like many things in Destiny 2 it’s completely obscure in-game, but despite the mode being the default in Tribute, you can hover over the name and select the classic PvP control mode instead if you want. are And yes, you want to. Unless you’re really into Tribute and think this will reduce the player population based on the mod’s need, but in the two games I played before I realized that I had mods last night. Can change, I haven’t found a lobby that resembles objective players. . Just your classic “we’ll turn whatever’s the mood into a skirmish” runaway and Gunnon’s guardian out there rescuing the Dunk Point campers.

More information about Iron Banner can be found here. On the official site. Destiny 2’s (probably) final expansion, Final form This summer drops. Until then, keep an eye out for the guardian… and when they wake up, change the mode to control and I’ll see you there.

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