Diablo 4 v1.2.0a goes live; Addresses Cross Play Bug and improves stability

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  • Blizzard has released version 1.2.0a for Diablo 4, fixing an issue that prevents players from engaging in cross-platform play.
  • Various improvements have been made to the stability of the game on all platforms.
  • Despite an excellent start, the latest entry in Diablo did not meet the expectations of the players. Season 2 tries to alleviate this problem.

Diablo 4 v1.2.0a is now out for all platforms, and fixes an issue with Cross-platform play which prevented PC and console players from playing together. According to Correction notesThis is the only issue addressed in this update in addition to various unmentioned improvements to game stability on consoles and PC hardware.

Diablo 4 v1.2.0a patch notes

Besides these new entries and balance adjustments, an ocean of Bug fixes Released for Diablo 4 to fix its many issues. Following a massive and comprehensive update that not only added more content but fixed issues, the developers have released a small patch to resolve the crossover issue.

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After its launch earlier this year, Diablo 4 got off to a great start commercially. Despite this measure of success, The RPG failed to resonate with hardcore fans of the series. Several players have voiced their concerns, bringing up some of the game’s core issues, such as low end-game content, and lackluster quality-of-life features that present it as lifeless.

After completing Season 1, Blizzard listened to player feedback and made the necessary changes to improve the game. It seems that the season of blood has even started on the right foot. With these facts in mind, making strange errors in his latest promo video feels like something out of left field.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

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