Diablo IV Season 2 ‘Season of Blood’ has been delayed

October 17, 2023 by No Comments

Well, it’s delayed by ‘a few hours’, but it’s enough to get some fans excited. On Twitter, Activision Blizzard shared a short but sweet message, highlighting that some ‘issues’ had arisen and that it had to push back the release date of Season of Blood by just a few hours.

from The tweet was posted, no further update has been given, but the update was due to drop thirty minutes ago at the time of writing. In the comment section of the post, many fans bemoaned the delay, insisting that they would be ‘clearing time from their schedules’ specifically to grind out Season of Blood.

Be patient

In a world where some games are delayed for months, waiting a few extra hours for Diablo IV’s new season to release isn’t so bad. It’s an age-old argument – ​​you don’t want it to be released incomplete, right?

Season 2 brings plenty of changes to the game – like an all-new blood-fueled questline with vampires. It’s about vampire stuff, basically – vampire gear, vampire powers… vampires.

There’s a new follower named Eris – voiced by Gemma Chan (from the MCU Eternals), and there’s a collection of deadly new endgame bosses to fight. Basically there’s plenty to catch – but you’ll have to wait a few more hours to access it.

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