Did humans once have predawn access? – Answered

June 11, 2024 by No Comments

With the ongoing Steam Next Fest, which gives players a chance to download and check out various demos for upcoming games, people are drawn to Once Human. This is the first demo downloaded, and I think it’s absolutely amazing. But a question in the air. Did humans once have predawn access?

Early access or full release once human?

When Once Human was officially released July 9, making it a full-release title. Unlike other survival-crafting games on the market today, the upcoming open-world survival shooter won’t launch into Early Access.

It’s a fresh take and we’re all set. The current gameplay is satisfying, the creature designs are phenomenal, and with a little more polish, this could prove to be a long-lasting survival game for fans of the genre!

How to live in a human being

Image by Starry Studio

When you first dive into Once Human, whether in beta during Steam Next Fest or when it launches in early July, you’ll see a welcome introduction. It does an excellent job of seamlessly introducing you to the gameplay mechanics, loot, and overall story beats. But then you’re thrust into an open world with a magical raven and told to survive. Here are some tips:

  • You won’t starve or die of thirst as soon as you touch down, it’s a smart move to keep food and water in your inventory for tough times. After all, this is a survival game. You need both to function at peak efficiency.
  • When playing on a PvE server, don’t be afraid to make a friend or two. You can group together to solve challenging points of interest, share loot, or build a small community together in the open world. Even better you can ask for help!
  • Your starting crossbow is great for dealing with shambling zombies and watchers, but you’ll need to smooth it out with more oomph before long. Do your best to quickly find a better weapon, ideally a gun!

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