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The first successor was revealed in 2022 and as of today, prospective fans are still waiting for a confirmed release date. It’s expected to drop in 2024, and Nexon is hard at work polishing the much-anticipated title ahead of its upcoming launch. Recently, Nexon released a deep dive into the game’s story, revealing key concepts of the setting, explaining some of the game’s lore, and explaining what makes The First Descendant so unique.

Being the first heir

The first successor was co-produced by a South Korean studio and has been in development for several years. It’s set to be an epic, Unreal Engine 5-driven game that has elements of the looter-shooter genre and traditional RPG titles. In the latest video uploaded to showcase the game, Nexon representatives explained the core concept of The First Descendant:

Humanity has taken up the destiny left behind by their ancestors, the ‘ancestors’ and become heirs. The Valgus (an alien race) started a war to fulfill the will of their ancestors, the survival of their species. The mission of the colossi (large beings) is not revealed, but they consider it a curse.

The first Descendants universe begins with the clash of those who inherited the fate of their ancestors. Whether this tragic fate is set aside in this generation or passed on to the next generation all depends on the heir who becomes the player’s avatar.

It’s a lofty and ambitious concept with a great story, but doesn’t deviate too dramatically from what we’ve seen so far in terms of gameplay. In some ways, it looks like a typical third-person shooter, even reminiscent of titles like Gears of War at times. In The First Descendant, players will control ‘humanity’s ultimate and most powerful strategic force’, use a range of unique abilities to overcome some formidable enemies, and encourage different play styles and approaches to missions.

Here is the full video:

Despite the solo gameplay elements of the title, the gripe of prospective fans with the first successor is that it is an ‘always online’ game. It’s a co-op playable adventure, but playing solo doesn’t always stop online requirements.

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