Do we know the release date of Cuffbust? – Answered

June 8, 2024 by No Comments

We feature many original video game ads at Summer Game Fest, including Killer Bean, Squirrel with a Gun, and Cuffbust. The latter comes from the same solo developer as Choo-Choo Charles—a first-person horror game about a spider-like demonic train engine. But his latest game looks even better. Here’s what we know about Cuffbust’s release date!

When will the cuffbust come?

We received countless release dates during Summer Game Fest, sadly, Cuffbust was not one of them. As of now, we don’t know the release date of Cuffbust. We know it’s coming to PC exclusively on Steam in 2025, but the one-person development studio hopes to launch without a hitch.

A lot can go wrong in game development, and even as a single-person studio, if it turns out to be anything like his last game, it should be a relatively smooth, viral experience!

What is a cuffbust?

Cuffbust is a 20-player multiplayer escape game in which you evade guards, plan a prison breakout, and use various tools and equipment to get your big break. It’s also a bit clever, with explosives, soap traps, toilet bombs and spoons galore in a very colorful universe.

You must work with your team to track the guards’ movements, hijack the intercom, destroy generators, disable phone lines, and find unique ways to escape the prison in an almost immersive sim style.

We can see it becoming big on YouTube and Twitch next year, so now might be a good time to start your channel in preparation!

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