Do we know the release date of Killer Bean? – Answered

June 8, 2024 by No Comments

We saw many exciting and interesting projects unveiled at Summer Game Fest, but one stole the show. It’s a quirky upcoming action-adventure title created by a single developer called Killer Bean. In it, you play as a killing bean. Revolutionary, right? But when is the release date of Killer Bean?

When does Killer Bean come out?

While it’s definitely a game on everyone’s radar now, that doesn’t mean the one-man developer at Killer Bean Studios has to rush the experience out the door. As such, unfortunately, we don’t have an official release date for Killer Bean. We know it’s coming this year, specifically this summer, but it’s still a big window.

We’re eagerly awaiting this upcoming action game featuring both first- and third-person gameplay, enjoy the recent Early Access trailer, which features new gameplay that hasn’t been shown before!

Will Killer Bean launch in early access or full release?

When Killer Bean launches this summer, it will do so in Early Access. The team intends to stay in Early Access for roughly one to two years, no longer and no less, while further improving the game experience. During the early access period, the team plans to add new features like Steam Workshop and new content every two months.

Surprisingly, they revealed that they have no intention of increasing the price after the full release after the early access period, which is definitely not the norm. But, we are thankful for that!

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