Do we know the release date of part 3?

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After the immense success of the live-action television series and the critical and fan acclaim of both games in the franchise, many are eagerly awaiting the third entry. We finally want to know more about Ellie and Abby and see where the story goes from here. But do you know the release date of The Last of Us Part 3 yet?

When is The Last of Us Part 3 coming out?

Speaking about the studio, its future, and The Last of Us as a whole, Neil Druckmann says that Naughty Dog will never, ever be The Last of Us studio. He wants to pursue other projects, unique storylines and single-player adventures, which means moving away from the post-apocalyptic storyline altogether.

Does that mean they are completely done with the franchise? This is unlikely. Again, following the phenomenal success of the television series starring Pedro Pascal, it would be unwise to sideline the franchise now. There are many more stories in the world.

But we know very little about The Last of Us Part 3 release date. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming. Druckmann has already said that the team’s process for the third game is similar to the second game, focusing on a story and message about love. But he also said that if the team couldn’t develop something, the finale in The Last of Us Part 2 was pretty strong overall.

The Last of Us Part 3 Star Ellie?

While we know very little about The Last of Us Part 3, including whether or not it will officially happen, we can only assume that Ellie will play an integral role in its plot. Whether or not this is a short-lived show remains to be seen, but we know from first-hand experience that Naughty Dog has zero qualms about throwing out favorite leads early on.

There’s plenty of story left to tell from Ellie and Abby’s perspectives, but there’s also a world of survivors and stories in The Last of Us to explore!

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