Do we know the release date of South of Midnight? – Answered

June 10, 2024 by No Comments

One of the more interesting upcoming projects, besides the amazing-looking video games from the Xbox Games Showcase, is an action-adventure game called South of Midnight. It explores the mysteries of the deep south, investigating folklore and ancient powers. But do we know the release date of South of Midnight?

When is South of Midnight coming out?

While the South of Midnight gameplay trailer gave us an in-depth look at how the game mechanics will play out, it didn’t reveal much about the release. Also, we know South of Midnight will be released sometime in 2025, but that’s about all we know. The trailer doesn’t give a better release window and there are currently no leaks regarding the date.

However, we are definitely looking into it. The moment we know more about the game’s release date or a better release window, we’ll update this piece to make sure you’re in the know!

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Is South of Midnight Coming to Game Pass?

Thanks to the gameplay trailer shown above, we know that South of Midnight will launch on the following platforms:

  • PC (Steam)
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Game Pass

It remains to be seen if it will launch simultaneously with PC and Xbox Series X|S. Considering Xbox’s recent policy of day-one releases on its subscription platform this seems like a lot!

Speaking of upcoming titles hitting Game Pass, Black Ops 6 appears to be launching on the first day of the subscription service! If you don’t want to miss a single piece of gaming news or exclusive, now is the time to subscribe to the Insider Gaming newsletter!

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