Do you need a PSN account on PC until dawn? – Answered

May 31, 2024 by No Comments

Sony has a plan. It does not include Tahiti. Its goal is to launch some exclusives on PC, and then put sequels to said games on its console ecosystem. In return, the company expects fans to purchase a PlayStation 5 or, in the future, a PlayStation 6 to continue playing the franchise. Little do they know, we are patient players. But those games now coming to PC have some exceptions that many people should consider. Namely, does Dawn require a PSN account on PC?

Do you need a PSN account to play Until Dawn on PC?

Unfortunately, along with God of War Ragnarok, Until Dawn requires a PSN account to play on PC. Although a single-player cinematic experience, Until Dawn features PlayStation Trophies and a new PlayStation Overlay that, like the Xbox Overlay, requires a constant play connection.

Even worse, over 120 countries around the world cannot buy or play any game with PSN requirements. PSN is not supported worldwide, only in about 70 countries.

What is up to Dawn?

Have you played Quarry? If not, I recommend scooping it up on Steam, especially with the upcoming Steam Summer Sale dropping prices to ridiculous lows. However, it is a cinematic horror experience in which you control a group of characters who try to survive the night from unspeakable terrors in the dark. It’s not a direct sequel to Until Dawn, but they share a lot of similarities in style and gameplay.

Until Dan follows a group of friends venturing into the wilderness in hopes of a camping getaway at a secluded lodge. Unfortunately, they are not alone. You control individual group members, making life or death decisions along the way and changing the outcome of the story with each choice.

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