Does Concorde require a PSN account on PC? – Answered

June 5, 2024 by No Comments

There is an unfortunate and growing trend of upcoming titles, especially once-console-exclusive games from PlayStation, requiring a third-party account to run on PC. We saw this with Helldivers 2, where the community came together to rebel against Sony’s decision. Even today, that decision has not been completely changed. But here we are once again. Does Concord require a PSN account on PC?

Do you need a PSN account for Concorde?

Unfortunately, until God of War Ragnarok and Dawn, users need a PSN account for Concorde after launching on PC. The upcoming hero shooter requires a PlayStation Network connection on Steam and Epic Games Stores, meaning you won’t be able to play the online-only game if you don’t have a PSN account. There are still more than 120 countries where PlayStation Network is not available. That means countless millions of players have been left in the dust again.

Unfortunately, after the State of Play, the Concorde proved to be the poorest advertisement of the bunch. By now, most people have found themselves tired of hero-based arena shooters, yet developers keep churning them out. The decision to require a PSN account on PC doesn’t help anyone, especially not the studio behind the game.

What is Concord?

In the first few minutes of the game’s announcement, I thought Concorde was going to be a single-player adventure in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy. Instead, the team revealed a 5v5 arena shooter featuring hero characters—a PvP-only, frenetic first-person shooter that focuses on social play and semi-competitive gameplay elements.

We’re still learning more about the game and it will eventually surprise us, so fingers crossed for something a little more special!

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