Dragon’s Dogma 2 update reduces dragonplague, improves pawns

April 19, 2024 by No Comments

in A new post Over on Twitter, the official Dragon’s Dogma 2 account announced that the next update will finally nerf the Dragonsplague and fix a variety of pan issues.

The devs plan to reduce the “infection frequency of the dragonplague” and make it easier to tell when pawns are infected. Dragonsplague is surprisingly devastating, although it is currently difficult to detect. Although players have found workarounds such as checking pans’ reactions to orders, clear instructions would have been a huge improvement.

Capcom revealed that the new changes are coming this month, but today’s post doesn’t confirm an exact release date. Instead, it simply said “we’ll release them on each platform as soon as they’re ready.” That applies to PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Along with the Dragonsplague nerf, Capcom will also introduce a variety of pan improvements. The update reduces the dialog behavior of pans as well as how often they speak.

Although it’s technically a small change, talking pawns can get pretty annoying over time. Amusingly, the update makes it harder for pawns to fall off hills.

Naturally, there will also be various bug fixes. Along with the Dragonsplague and pan adjustments, the next update will definitely improve the quality of life in Dragon Dogma 2.

However, fans are still waiting for an update to fix the noticeable performance issues. Today’s post only addresses crashing and freezing fixes for “specific situations”. Hopefully, Capcom will address the technicalities a bit more soon.

Despite the severe backlash over Dragon’s Dogma 2 microtransactions, Capcom recently revealed that the game has sold over 2 million units.

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