EA Sports College Football 25 Features Revealed

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EA Sports College Football 25 is set to release on July 19 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, and EA Sports took Friday to announce all of the game’s features after revealing its cover on Thursday.

As known earlier, the game has modes like Dynasty, Road to Glory, Ultimate Team and College Football Playoff. But now we have more details on what each mode will offer players as we load up the first college football game in 11 years.

Dynasty mode sees you “create a coach and build a powerhouse college football program from the ground up. Build your coaching staff, recruit top talent, utilize the transfer portal, and watch your program ascend to the sports pantheon.

Going on Road to Glory, players “live the life of a student-athlete”. With players created, you need to manage your schedule, GPA and overall image to become a Heisman Trophy winner. You work to build the coach’s trust to get extra playing time or even transfer if you don’t get enough playing time.

Ultimate Team is what you’d expect from an EA Sports title. Gather players to form the best team you can and play with it online or offline, completing challenges to earn rewards.

Finally, Road to the College Football Playoff lets you “experience a new way to play competitively and represent your favorite team in the Road to the College Football Playoff.” You take your team against tough opponents to move up the polls and reach the playoffs.

As part of College Football 25, EA Sports is bringing back the “iconic environments” fans have seen in the sport for years.

“With traditional team run-outs, competitive rituals, synchronized crowd-chants, loudness meters plus real game-day audio, fight songs and, of course, mascots, wherever you look, it feels like home,” EA Sports said. .

Presentation-wise, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit called the action the biggest games. Reece Davies, David Pollock and Jesse Palmer will line up for the other games.

CampusIQ gameplay

EA Sports introduced its CampusIQ gameplay system in the game. The system, the company says, offers “authentic college gameplay” regardless of the teams on the field.

“Powered by a wide variety of player ratings that fluctuate throughout the game, team lineups and new in-game passing mechanics, EA Sports™ College Football 25 delivers strategic, fast-paced gameplay that reflects the true depth of college football,” they said. .

The game also has a “Wear & Tear System” that lets you manage the player’s health and what you can do to limit potential injuries and fatigue. There’s also a homefield advantage system that has players encountering “varying levels of distractions such as screen shaking, missed pre-play icons and moving play art”.

College Football 25 Available for pre-order Today.

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