EA UFC 5 reveals all of its game modes in a new trailer.

October 15, 2023 by No Comments

EA UFC 5 Released the following week and EA released a new trailer showing off all of the game modes for this year’s game. Although nothing really new or groundbreaking it seems that the current methods have received some updates.

One of the updates I’m excited about is the changes to Fight Week. Fight Week will feature cards that will coincide with upcoming UFC Fight Nights and PPVs. These battles will have challenges that you can complete to unlock various vanity items and you can also choose who you think will win real world matches for even more rewards. can be obtained.

New this year will be an online career mode where you create a character, take part in battles that earn you stats to level up your characters and perks. The offline career mode also returns and looks like a more story-driven career this time around. Sadly, it really seems like the gameplay part of it remains the same.

Backyard and Kumite return this year but have been given different rule sets. Backyards are five three-minute rounds and judges only score on losses. Kumite, on the other hand, is a single round of 25 minutes and if you both go the distance, the fight will end in a draw.

There are also some other cool updates like the addition of gameplay sliders to Fight Now to change playstyles like increasing or decreasing damage, stamina, etc.

EA UFC 5 Launched on October 27, 2023 for PS5 and Series X.

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