Electronic Arts is again playing with the idea of ​​advertising in games

May 10, 2024 by No Comments

Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson recently revealed that the company is looking into implementing dynamic ads in AAA games. Electronic Arts is no stranger, with many of the company’s games featuring real-world advertising over the years — a two-decade-old concept for EA.

However, what we are talking about here is what is known in the business as ‘DAI’ – Dynamic Ad Insertion. It’s a smarter way to deliver commercial content to consumers based on their habits, history and interests.

Dollars game

in Recent earnings call, the Electronic Arts CEO talked about injecting dynamic advertising into AAA games (without mentioning which games they would be). He said:

Advertising has the potential to be a meaningful driver of growth for us. We currently have teams internally within the company that are very thoughtful about how we execute within our game experiences.

For a long time, the concept of showing ads in games has been a sticking point for the industry. Lately, players have been taken aback by ‘invasive’ ads on some platforms, with some deciding that sudden, full-screen commercials are a good idea. Typically, advertising in games is limited to billboards, posters, and product placement opportunities such as Monster Energy Beverages, which can be guzzled in Hideo Kojima’s death stranding.

However, coupled with DAI’s intelligence, users can better see the targeted ads that will soon appear in their games. Some consider this a natural progression of the industry, as ad revenue can be a fantastic revenue stream for many verticals, and it’s just another way publishers and developers rely on to get more sweet dollars.

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