Embracer CEO ‘gets a bad rap’ says Saber founder

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Embracer Group has been the industry boogeyman for the past year and a half as the company divests assets and lays off more than 1,400 employees. With the deal valued at $2 billion, Embracer rushed to restructure, shuttered studios, laid off employees and turned everyone into enemies of the company, slated on social media and the butt of jokes around the world.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Saber Interactive’s founder, Matt Karch, came to the defense of Embracer’s CEO, Lars Wingfors. Karch recently acquired Saber Interactive back For $247 million from Embracer, he secured the brand he once helped create.

‘Every Likes to Pick On’ Embracer

in Sit with the GIMatt Karch talks about Embracer becoming a scapegoat for the tumultuous time the industry has faced since early 2023. As head honcho at the company, Lars Wingefors has shouldered much of the blame and criticism, but Karch insists it’s unhealthy. – Established:

In my mind, no one is more guided by a sense of fairness and reason than Lars. The process we had to go through to close the studios was absolutely… it killed us… I would say Embracer tried more than anyone else to save as many jobs as possible.

He pointed to the recent sale of Gearbox as an example of how Wingforce tried to right the ship while protecting employees from redundancy.

The gearbox just sold, right? Are the employees in that company staying in that company until the announcement? Because Lars didn’t want to let anyone go, he really wanted to keep everyone. So I think he gets a bad rap.

Speaking further about Wingfors, Karch insists that the Embracer CEO breathes life and video games and is passionate about the industry. Karch explained in a transparent statement that the failed deal with Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Games Group gave Embrace some relief, causing the company to lock down business development and ‘back themselves into a corner’.

In closing, Karch insisted the industry ‘shouldn’t bet against Lars right now’, assuring GI that the CEO is ‘really on top of it’. It was recently revealed that Embracer’s restructuring efforts are over and that no more studios will be acquired anytime soon, so the healing can begin in earnest.

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