Escape at Fun from the Helldivers 2 Tarkov DLC fiasco

April 29, 2024 by No Comments

Helldivers 2 decides to take on the drama surrounding the escape from Tarkov, poking fun at a new unheard edition of the game in the process.

The game’s official Twitter account posted on Saturday about the items to be purchased at the game’s Acquisition Center. However, the post contains a not-so-subtle jab at Battlestate Games.

“Check out the deals at the Acquisition Center today, prices so low they’re practically unheard of,” The post said. “True believers can grab a CM-21 Trench Paramedic for just 250 SC, which includes increased pocket size and extra stims!”

Later, in response to Dr. Lupo, who had his own coffee bean item in Escape from Tarkov, the official account said on Twitter, “We may not have cans of coffee beans, but we’ll give you a hot cup of Liber-Tea any time.”

If you didn’t know by now, Battlestate Games is on fire for the announcement of Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition. Announced with a price tag of $250, the Unheard Edition is set to feature an exclusive co-op PvE game mode, prioritized matchmaking and more. Following plenty of player backlash, however, Battlestate Games backtracked on many of the things announced for the edition, including locking the game mode behind the $250 price tag.

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