Escape from Tarkov developer backtracks, but says the new PvE mode isn’t DLC

April 29, 2024 by No Comments

Escape from Tarkov game director Nikita Buyanov took to Reddit again to give players more updates after the backlash surrounding the addition of the game’s unheard edition and paywalled PvE mode.

in First of two posts Over the weekend, Buyanov attempted to redefine the definition of DLC, stating that the new co-op PvE mode coming to the game is “not DLC”.

“DLC in our understanding are major additions to the game, including various functionality and content that will be released after the game is officially released as a theme DLC pack (for example, the Scav Life DLC, which adds a lot of new mechanics and content for Scav gameplay and leveling),” he said.

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He said that since the mode is “on a completely separate network infrastructure”, the mode cannot be enabled for all players who have purchased the Edge of Darkness (EoD) edition, which guarantees future DLC for the game. Escape from Tarkov claims that the PvE mode will now be available for free to all EoD owners.

In addition to the mod being free, Buyanov said Battlestate Games will offer a 50% discount to players who upgrade from the EoD Edition to the Unheard Edition, dropping the price from $100 to $50.

More changes to Escape from Tarkov

But that’s not all for Buyanov on the community’s reaction. Then he came back with a follow up after hours Post.

“First of all, I’m very sorry that the fans and the game community in general feel these feelings,” he said. “Unfortunately, I somehow did not anticipate the reality of such a reaction, and now I draw conclusions for my future decisions.”

Aside from saying that he regrets the decisions he made, saying that players are sorry the way they are, Buyanov clarified a few other things about the changes Battlestate Games is making in light of the response.

He said access to the new mode for EoD players will happen in “waves,” but he didn’t say how often a new wave would happen. He said that mod support will be added to the mod that has “release of the game”.

Priority matchmaking, which was set as a feature of the new version, has been completely scrapped. All players are “in the same place” when it comes to matchmaking.

From Tarkov to the unheard edition of Escape, Buyanov says it will not be removed despite calls from players.

“(W)e won’t remove it, we want to keep the option for those who want to support the game more,” he said. “But we will balance the items, perks in this edition, and give more rewards to those who upgraded with the old price.

“Thank you for your time, love and hate, and thank you for raising your attention to the current situation.”

What do you think about the ongoing drama surrounding Escape from Tarkov, the co-op PvE mode and the unheard edition of the game? For more Insider Gaming, find details on Gray Zone Warfare’s upcoming Early Access release.

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