Exclusive: Doom: The Dark Age to be revealed at Xbox Games Showcase

May 24, 2024 by No Comments

Insider Gaming understands that the next game in the DOOM franchise will be revealed on June 9 at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase.

Codenamed/placeholder title ‘Year Zero’, the game is understood to have a final name of ‘Doom: The Dark Ages’ and has been in development for at least four years.

Last year, I heard early details of the next entry in the DOOM franchise, which was described to me as a ‘medieval inspired Doom world’. While that doesn’t give much information to go on, ‘Year Zero’, ‘Dark Ages’ and ‘Medieval Inspiration’ start to paint a clear picture of where the series is headed next. Perhaps we’re delving further into the life of a Doomslayer in medieval times? A prequel of sorts?

Earlier this year, after Bethesda’s new arrival, rumors of a new Doom game started circulating again. Registered trademark, ‘IDKFA’, is the best known cheat code in the series. Last month, The Verge’s Tom Warren At first he teased A rumor we can now independently confirm is that DOOM will be making its way to the Xbox Games Showcase.

The DOOM series was a resounding success for Xbox and ID Software. In 2020, a LinkedIn description from an ID Software employee stated that the game generated over $450 million in revenue.

What are your thoughts on the new DOOM game? Are you looking forward to a medieval setting? Let us know in the comments below!

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