Fallen Lords: The best traits for each class

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In Lords of the Fallen, just like many other RPGs, your character’s performance is based on the attributes you choose to level up. It’s really important to know what abilities work best for each class in Lords of the Fallen, because in the Soulslike genre, you usually have to wait a long time before you can change your character’s abilities if you make a mistake.

A key takeaway

  • there is Six main features In Lords of the Fallen, each is linked to specific stats and abilities in the game.
  • Choosing the right features is critical, as it directly affects yours The character’s play style and abilities.
  • Different character classes benefit specific feature combinations to excel in their roles.
  • proper attribute assignment Important, as changing your character’s abilities can be challenging in the Soulslike genre.

All features are explained in Lords of the Fallen

Lord of the Fallen Character Traits (Image by eXputer)

need to think about Six features When creating and upgrading your character in Lords of the Fallen, as each one is attached to different stats.

Let’s go over all the features and what they mean in Lords of the Fallen:

Characteristics Description
vitality Increases your overall health for increased survivability.
Force Improves your damage output and increases your weapon weight capacity.
agility Increases your proficiency with lighter weapons and increases effectiveness in ranged combat.
Endurance Increases stamina and gear load, essential for various actions in the game, while the hunter load affects agility
Glamor Increases the damage of the Shining spell and allows the use of stronger radiant catalysts and spells, essential for holding Umbral gear.
inferno Increases infernal spell damage and the use of powerful infernal spells and catalysts.

The best features for every class in Lords Of The Fallen

At the beginning of Lord of the Fallen, you will have nine classes choose from Each one specializes in a certain style of play. Over time, you must level up And invest in traits to build your character in Lords of the Fallen.

Here are the best traits to choose based on your class in Lords of the Fallen:

status Best features (in order of priority)
holy knight 1. Power
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Odiranger Werewolf 1. Power
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
partisan 1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Vitality
Mornstead’s Infantry 1. Agility
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Blackfeather Ranger 1. Agility
2. Vitality
3. Endurance
Exile stalker 1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Vitality
Orian Darshan 1. Zohar
2. Vitality
3. Power
Faerie Sect 1. Inferno
2. Vitality
3. Strength/agility (depends on the weapon)
Condemned 1. Vitality
2. Glow/Inferno/Strength/Agility (based on character build)
3. Endurance

1. Holy knight

holy knight
The Holy Knight (Image by eXputer)

The Holy Knight class is a great option for New immigrants. He has a strong vitality Score 11 and solid Endurance A rating of 15. This means you’ll start with a lot of HP, making you more resistant to enemy attacks, and high stamina, allowing you to perform more attacks and dodge incoming enemy attacks effectively.

These are the best traits you should prioritize when leveling up in Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Force
  2. vitality
  3. Endurance

The Holy Knight class is an excellent choice for players who like to use power based weapons and wear medium armor. You can also go on Building agility with the Holy Knight and quickly replaced the power. However, I prefer power.

2. Udirangr Warwolf

Odiranger Werewolf
Udirangr Warwolf (Image credit: eXputer)

The Udirangr Warwolf is everything Force and causing significant damage to your enemies. It starts with a base strength of 16, the highest of all classes. If you want to build a power-focused melee character, Udirangr Warwolf is the ideal starting point.

Best features for Udirangr Warwolf:

  1. Force
  2. vitality
  3. Endurance

3. Partisan

Partisan (Image credit: eXputer)

The Partisan is a variant of the Holy Knight, equipped with a wing and a bow as a starting weapon. It A multi-purpose stand With well balanced features, Offers flexibility as you develop your character in Lords of the Fallen.

In the beginning, it is wise to improve the attack power of the wing, and the stamina for extra swings, and of course, strengthen your health for better survivability.

Best Features for Partisans:

  1. agility
  2. Endurance
  3. vitality

4. Mornsted’s infantry

Mornsted's Infantry
Mournstead’s Infantry (Image credit: eXputer)

Morstead’s infantry is a class that focuses on coming Melee range An approach with great importance in defense. He excels at javelin throwing for ranged damage while maintaining agility.

However, it is important to note that the class starts with a relatively low damage output, which is compensated by the extended range of the weapon. to improve yours Performence, Prioritize increasing attack power, health and ability.

Best features for Mornstead infantry:

  1. agility
  2. vitality
  3. Endurance

5. Blackfeather Ranger

Blackfeather Ranger
Blackfeather Ranger (Image by eXputer)

The Blackfeather Ranger is a Beginner friendly A class with an emphasis on Ranged combat using a bow. It also activates a Axe and Protector for close combat situations. As you progress, you will gain access to elementary arrows, Which significantly improves your fighting abilities.

Your main goals should be to improve your The attack power of Keshet and increase your health for improved durability. Blackfeather Ranger has the potential to become one of the most prolific Great lessons In the Fallen Lords.

Best features for Blackfeather Ranger:

  1. agility
  2. vitality
  3. Endurance

6. An expatriate stalker

Exile stalker
Stalker Exiled (Image by eXputer)

The exiled stalker is Advanced class who has the role of a crook, an exploiter double daggers and prioritize speed. Those who choose Exiled Stalker should excel in agility, quickly engaging enemies and dodging to avoid damage.

The Exile Stalker has unique abilities, such as the ability to do poison Her daggers for continuous damage. Your primary goals with Exiled Stalker should be guarding stamina For more strikes and your reinforcement attack power

Best Features for Expat Stalker:

  1. agility
  2. Endurance
  3. vitality

7. Orian Darshan

Orian Darshan
Orian Preacher (Image credit: eXputer)

The Orian Preacher is the top choice for harness players Glowing magic increase their abilities and cause significant damage. Starts with a hammer In the hand, the preacher Orien excels in breaking the posture of enemies in close quarters.

To reach Orion’s full potential, focus on Levels up Radiance for spells. At the same time, invest in vitality and Force To improve your health and attack power for close combat. Despite being classified as an advanced class, If you’re a fan of playing Faith in other Souls games, you’ll feel right at home with Orian Preacher.

The best features for Orion Preacher:

  1. Glamor
  2. vitality
  3. Force

8. Faerie Sect

Faerie Sect
Pyric Cultist (Image credit: eXputer)

The Pyric Cultist is an advanced class for magic users who like to activate things fire. The Pirith sect operates a Staff As the primary weapon, provides significant reach and deals with both physical and fire damage to the enemies.

Your main goal here is to improve your strength Fireballs and Mana. While fire magic takes a significant place, the Pyrrhic worshiper should also be proficient in weapons. As a result, assign the Force and agility Traits best suited to your chosen weapon in Lords of the Fallen.

Best features for Piri worship:

  1. inferno
  2. vitality
  3. Force
  4. agility

9. Condemned

Doomed (Image by eXputer)

There is usually one class in the soul character genre that isn’t that big, and is like a tradition. The developers even called it that “Choose at your own risk,” Which says a lot. The class in question is for those who want complete freedom in designing their character from the start.

But notice, it starts with lowest stat, Which makes the early game difficult. The class in question is best for veteran. Which stats to boost depends on what kind of character you want. If you are into it Force, go for it; If magic is your thing, then focus on both inferno or Glamor. Don’t forget to improve your health too.

Best features for Piri worship:

  1. vitality
  2. Glow, inferno, strength or agility
  3. Endurance

I think if you are building a character from scratch, you should put some points vitality, As you will die quickly to enemies considering your health. after the investment 2-3 points in Vitality, start building your character by investing in other traits in Lords of the Fallen. However, if you are a veteran, and know how to fight, there is no need to go with this priority.

That’s all about the best traits for each class in Lords of the Fallen. Discover the best DPS class among the nine starting classes.

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