Fallout 76 players find Phil Spencer – and nuke him

May 9, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, clips surfaced online of Fallout 76 players taking on the game’s one and only Phil Spencer. In a series of short videos, players rub shoulders with Microsoft’s gaming CEO, show off emotes and are encouraged to say hello to the camera.

And then they nuked him.

Nuclear justice

Phil Spencer has long professed his love for the Fallout series, often talking about playing Fallout 76. He’s not shy about his gaming profiles and keeps them publicly viewable, so it’s not hard to see how much time he’s sunk into Bethesda Game Studios’ post-apocalyptic MMORPG.

A few weeks ago, Spencer aired his grievances about a feature he’d like to see coming to the game. Even the CEO of Microsoft Gaming has his bugbears about the rags-to-riches MMO that started life inauspiciously before turning into something monumental and widely acclaimed.

In a post published on Twitter, it was revealed that not every player was happy to see Phil Spencer marching around Appalachia in Fallout 76. A user took apart Spencer’s in-game CAMP and attempted to launch a nuke at it. It is in a radiation no-go zone.

It makes sense for Phil Spencer to live on that part of the map. His base of operations is on the outskirts of Whitesprings Resort, a posh and fancy place reserved for the pre-war elite. It also houses a secret bunker originally dedicated to preserving the best of society in case of a nuclear apocalypse. It’s not like Phil to set up shop in the murky backwaters of The Mire or the suffocating pits of Toxic Valley.

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