Fallout fans can get a Lucy backpack… for £200

May 2, 2024 by No Comments

The frenzy of Fallout continues after the recent success of the Amazon-backed television series. Over the past few weeks, millions of players have dived into the franchise, setting new records and revealing the power that the multimedia franchise has over modern audiences, Bethesda Game Studios.

In fact, Fallout warrants the creation of a new popular medium like the TV show Lots of stuff, manufacturers tend to make a little moolah in every angle. Recently, a replica backpack made to mirror Lucy’s (the show’s main character) has surfaced online, priced at £199.99.

Lots of caps

I’m a Fallout fan, as big a fan as you could ever hope to meet, and I doubt I’d even spend £200 Backpack. Fallout merchandise is high-quality and well worth the investment, making it one of the most expensive pieces ever released in a lineup of collectibles spanning the 25-year-old franchise.

Even the recently-released Pip-Boy device, a replica from the television show, doesn’t cost that much.

However, here are some tips to sway you on your purchase:

  • Great for cosplayers (that’s why it’s so expensive)
  • Has a 20-liter capacity with zippered pockets and a laptop compartment
  • Authentic to the television series with iconic branding
  • Comes with a ‘thick yellow woolen blanket’ to ‘complete the look’
  • Made with resilient fabric and certified vegan leather

Is that enough if you want to spend £200 on it? It’s being released on September 30, 2024 – so you’ve got plenty of time to change your mind.

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