Fallout: London coming to consoles? – Answered

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If you’ve ever wondered if Fallout deserved a European setting, it looks like you’re not alone. The team working in Fallout: London felt the same way and set out to create the seemingly impossible. But is Fallout: London coming to consoles?

Fallout: London coming to consoles?

Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of the mod, Fallout: London on consoles remains a dream. This was not possible with the technology available, the size of the team working on the project, or the requirements to recreate huge parts of London in the Fallout setting.

That is true; Fallout: London won’t launch on PS5—perhaps the most powerful current-gen system—either. It’s PC-exclusive, so you can enjoy it once it’s released!

What is Fallout: London?

They call it a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, but Fallout: London offers a scale unfound in other free-to-download mods. It’s a more standalone game, or at the very least, a substantial expansion to explore an entirely new world.

Fallout: London Features:

  • A new post-apocalyptic landscape to explore
  • Brand new categories to interact with
  • Unique storylines
  • New NPCs

However, according to legend, the FEV never made it to Europe. Also, you won’t find super mutants, centaurs or deathclaws roaming London. It’s a shame but maybe a limitation with the game engine and the team.

What you need to play Fallout: London

If you want to play Fallout: London, you need a PC that can run the game successfully. If you can run Fallout 4 without crashing or constant frame drops, you should run Fallout: London just fine too.

You’ll also need a legitimate copy of Fallout 4, a fresh save file, and enough space for both the original game and mod download.

Overall, it’s pretty straightforward!

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