Fallout Vault Dweller Pack for Call of Duty has been leaked

May 29, 2024 by No Comments

A few days ago news broke about a potential Fallout x Call of Duty crossover bundle. Given the recent success of the Fallout TV show and the efforts Activision Blizzard Studios has been making to work with every brand in the pop culture market, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before it became a reality.

Dataminers recently leaked an image online showing the ‘Fallout Vault Dweller Tracker Pack’. The pack appears to include Blueprint for M4 and M16 and ‘Vault Suit’ skins for Gaz, Soap, Price and Ghost.

Apocalyptic W or L?

As much as the Fallout TV show has been a huge success since its release on April 9, many expected something more substantial from this crossover. For example, Fortnite has an upcoming Fallout collaboration that already looks infinitely better than this leaked COD crossover. .

in Leaky art Discovered by dataminers, Modern Warfare’s core squad – Ghost, Soap, Price and Gaz – are wearing iconic vault suits based on those found in the new TV show. They’ve also got some Vault-Tech branded weapons – but that’s the full extent of the Fallout Vault Dweller Tracer Pack. It’s a safe assumption that the bundles will also have the usual charms, icons, and player cards associated with them, and the tracer pack element will mirror the laser-focused weapons commonly found throughout the Fallout universe.

Would you invest in the Fallout Vault Dweller Tracer Pack in Call of Duty?

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