Foam Stars Mysterious Swing Season will begin soon.

April 9, 2024 by No Comments

Foam Stars Was a game I picked up once with a few friends from Gaming Nexus. As you can see, we had a blast playing it, but I couldn’t find myself going back. If you want a game that lets you hang out with three of your friends, has low stakes, and is still competitive, then Foam Stars should be on your list. Square Enix has announced that the next season, Mysterious Swing, Will debut. On April 12. There will be a newly released character, new events, and a variety of new free and premium cosmetic content. Mysterious Swing will be available to all players from April 12th to May 17th.

Highlights of Mysterious Swing include:

  • A New Foam Star- Chloe Noir: Joe Ciel, a mysterious art gallery director, uses a live-shooting foam charge rifle to hunt down opponents using his Bubble Beast. Chloe Noir can be obtained for free by all players as a Tier 31 reward for the season.
  • A Pass or Premium Pass can be purchased instantly.
  • Free Weekly Limited Time Items: Slide into the Foam Stars shop every Friday to get free content. One item per week is available to all players and includes a character skin for Mel T, a foam gun skin for Jet Justice, and more.
  • Ranked Party: Two limited-time seasonal events, the solo player-based Ranked Party Lonestar and the team-based Ranked Party Tribe Vibe.
  • Extreme Party: Challenge players in two exclusive themed events. All Chloe Party – where each player’s team competes to cool off opposing teams like… Chloe Noir, and the Bubbly Penguin Party, where players can only fight Penny Gwyn with her Toboggan Bomb and Emperor March skills.

Foam Stars are available to purchase for $29.99. Via the PlayStation Store And a PlayStation Plus subscription is required. The Premium Season Pass is available for purchase for $5.99.

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