Frogbite files for bankruptcy for Fall Damage Studio

May 23, 2024 by No Comments

Frogbite Group, a Swedish-based company, Filed bankruptcy Its development studio is for fall damage. The $3.63 million filing comes months after Frogbite acquired Fall Damage for $1.86 million in October 2023.

Frogbite said the bankruptcy was due to an inability to find a publisher for Fall Damage’s 4v4 shooter Alara Prime. The game is free to play and set to release in 2024.

“Since fall 2023, Fall Damage has had multiple conversations with potential partners regarding the publication of the ALARA Prime game,” Frogbite said. “The process was extensive, involved multiple iterations, and despite receiving very positive feedback on the quality and potential of the game, the subsidiary was still unable to complete it within the required timeframe.

“This has led to an unsustainable economic situation.”

There is no mention of layoffs as a result of the declaration. However, Frogbite said it and its other subsidiaries will continue to do business as usual. Development of Alara Prime also continues and is “on schedule”.

Finally, discussions about finding a publisher for the game are ongoing.

Fall Damage was created in 2017 by former Dice developers Markus Nyström, Dan Vaderlind, Mikael Kalms, and Anders Gyllenberg.

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