Gamers worry about leaving their libraries behind when they die

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Players don’t die, they respawn – right?

Recently, there was a debate online when some Steam users were interested in what happens to their library of games when they die. It’s an item taken up with Valve, he confirmed Nothing happens – They cannot transfer ownership of your account to someone else or ‘merge it’ with someone else’s library if you die and it cannot be transferred by will.

Now, gamers are increasingly concerned about what happens to their game libraries when they die.

Be prepared

In a recent report Published by RespawnFirstThe team at GOG — a rival storefront to Steam — was asked about the topic, asking RF Squad what would happen to their library if they met an untimely death.

GOG got a little ahead of the tough employees at Valve and were kind:

In general, your GOG Account and GOG Content are not transferable. However, if you can get a copy of a court order that gives someone privileged access to your GOG personal account… we’ll do our best to make that happen. We are ready to handle such situations and protect your GOG library, but right now the legal system needs help.

RF finds that Epic Games will not transfer your account to another user even in the event of your death. But what about other platforms and providers? In 2022, 89.5% of all games sold in the United Kingdom will be digital, so true gamers have vast libraries stacked to the brim with titles they don’t want to go to waste.

For the most part, it seems that when a gamer dies, they take their libraries with them. Of course, if you can get into their account and change the details, you’ll be more than welcome to what’s out there, but it’s a shady way to keep one’s gaming collection safe after death. In almost every scenario, the platform is the provider No Transfer an account to another user or merge gaming libraries – this could mean hundreds of games and thousands of dollars wasted.

PlayStation terms state that when someone dies, their account and library fade into the underworld. It’s a similar situation for Xbox users, but there are some references online that talk about Nintendo allowing the executor access to digital profiles.

The long and short of it is that users need to find some way to notify their account details before passing them on – if that’s possible. Otherwise, there appears to be no legal basis for requiring providers to open their accounts to next of kin or family members or close friends. In this increasingly technological world, it is not that It’s unusual for people to leave their digital wealth behind when leaving this mortal plane.

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