Genshin Impact Update ‘Two Worlds Aflame, The Crimson Knight Fades’ Coming April 24th

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

in a New blog post Today, PlayStation announced that the anticipated Genshin Impact version 4.6 update “Two Worlds Aflame, The Crimson Night Fades” will be released on April 24th.

It will be a massive update, introducing a whole new area to discover as well as a central new character, Arlechino. Surprisingly, ‘The Knave’ Arlechino serves as a “recruitable team member and formidable weekly boss”.

Today’s blog revealed that Arlecchino’s unique mechanic is Bond of Life. It “stays in its target and prevents healing” until the victim meets the right conditions.

The new region is the Sea of ​​Bygon Eras and Remuria, the lost deep water kingdom. Its king, Remus, has composed a symphony that players can use to reactivate ancient instruments. Fortunately, the developers have also released a cinematic trailer breaking down some of the backstory.

On a smaller note, Two Worlds Aflame, Crimson Night Fades, will also add a musical tour to Genshin Impact, “conducted by Arataki Itto and Dvorak.”

Players can earn the new Nightwind Horn instrument by “playing different instruments at will, collecting items, and restoring melodies.”

The release date is very close to the launch, but the devs may need some more time to be sure about anything specific. After all, it’s an unusually large upgrade between Arlechino and Remuria.

Some fans may be disappointed by Remuria’s familiar underwater theme, but it’s clear the devs put a lot of thought into the lore. Also, introducing Arlechino in a dual role is definitely a new twist to the game.

Version 4.6 proves that Genshin Impact has plenty of room to expand indefinitely and accommodate long-time players with creative additions.

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