Get a free content warning for April Fools’ Day on Steam.

April 4, 2024 by No Comments

In the spirit of celebrating April Fool’s Day, developer Landfall has today announced and released a video game, Content Warning. Best of all, it’s free, until April 2nd at 9am. So you need to act fast to add it to your Steam library. If you don’t know, Content Warning is a first-person content creation, cooperative horror game where you and your friends find a way to enter an old forbidden world and try to make silly videos for SpookTube. do You either become famous or die trying. “Either solo or with 2-4 players, you’ll form squads with in-game voice chat, customize your character using an ASCII face customizer, and plumb the depths of The Old World. There you’ll find strange creatures with their own wild physics, cursed artifacts to explore, and of course, talk nonsense and make it go viral on Spooktube for the hungry internet masses in the name of awesome content. Film in hope.

While everything outside looks nice and colorful, the old world does not. You and up to four people grab your cameras and anything else you think you need and head to the old world. There you will encounter terrifying, physics-animated monsters, cursed relics and other artifacts. While down you’ll try to film as many scary things as you can before you run out of oxygen. You must then find your way back into the diving bell to bring you and the rest of your team to the surface. You then upload your footage to SpooktTube and wait for the views to tick up. Each run lasts for 3 days, the more scary things you film, the more viral you become. Ad revenue from your SpookTube videos enables you to upgrade your gear to make better videos and survive in the old world more easily. Head to Steam. before 9 AM PT tomorrow to receive a free copy of the content warning.

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