Ghostrunner 2: When can you preload the game?

October 12, 2023 by No Comments

PlayStationSize on Twitter has revealed when you can preload Ghostrunner 2 – and how big the game’s download size will be. Launched on October 26, Ghostrunner 2 is the sequel to the first game in the short series that started back in 2020. This follow-up iteration was revealed back in May, and a little over a month ago, it arrived for a limited-time run. Playable demo.

On October 26th, players looking for a little more action-packed and haunted past will be more than happy to dive into Ghostrunner 2 – and here’s when it’ll be preloaded.

How big is Ghostrunner 2?

On Twitter, PlayStation size revealed The download size for Ghostrunner 2 reaches 13.352 GB, which isn’t much of a problem in a world where games regularly release with sizes over 60 or 70 GB.

Here are the preload dates relayed by PlayStation quantity:

Standard and Deluxe Editions

  • Pre-load: October 24, 8am PT
  • Release: October 26, 8am PT

Brutal edition

  • Pre-load: October 22, 8am PT
  • Release: October 24, 8 am PT

So, for those who opt for the Brutal Edition (which is roughly $30 more expensive than the Standard Edition), there is the benefit of allowing two days of early access. Since hte first Ghostrunner game was nearly seven hours long, it’s likely that most gamers will secure the early access window to complete the game before its worldwide release.

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