Gray Zone Warfare hits 400,000 copies sold in 24 hours

May 1, 2024 by No Comments

After a successful first day on the market as an early-access game, Gray Zone Warfare has been confirmed to have sold over 400,000 copies. It was announced by MADFINGER on Twitter, and despite negative reviews on Steam and some users having problems running the game, it’s blazing up the charts.

Stunning performance

Gray Zone Warfare is a next generation extraction shooter with ambitious goals in mind. It has already disrupted the market without it Just An extraction shooter – it’s also a tactical FPS with milsim mechanics. It proved such a smash hit with Escape from Tarkov audiences that many of the game’s top creators migrated to Gray Zone Warfare to see what this early-access title had to offer.

With over 400,000 sales in a single day, Gray Zone Warfare is a monumental success. With so much in the pipeline, the developer, MADFINGER, is discussing the possibility of launching a console-based version further down the line. It’s a game that’s just getting launched and has already won a major following that’s dedicated to experiencing everything the game has to offer.

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