Gray Zone Warfare Patch 01 Now Live (Full Notes)

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MADFINGER Games has pushed out Gray Zone Warfare’s first major patch, fixing hundreds of in-game issues and improving stability across the board. Since its sudden release on April 30, GZW has taken the extraction shooter world by storm, offering players a vast open environment to explore alone or with teammates, search for loot, and complete more than 150 tasks.

Now, the game’s first major patch is live and ready to download on Steam.

The first of many

Since it’s a live service game of sorts, Gray Zone Warfare receives constant patches and updates designed to fix the title’s biggest issues. Since its release into Early Access, GZW has been plagued with crashes and some performance issues, most notably the pesky ‘rubberbanding’ issue that plagues many players. Despite those teething issues, Gray Zone Warfare proves to be a fantastic game with incredible potential.

Here is the complete Gray Zone Warfare Patch 01 Notes:


(Fixed) An issue where vegetation would sometimes not respond properly to shooting

(Fixed) Main menu song playing after joining server

(Fixed) Problem with character getting stuck in 3PV

(Fixed) Problem where character gets stuck in levitating pose in 3PV

(Fixed) An issue where the Add Member button was active even when the squad was full

(Fixed) Issue where squad member status was not displayed correctly

(Fixed) Squad invite pop-up not appearing after adding a friend

(Fixed) Issue where squad invitation notification was not displayed under certain conditions

(Fixed) Issue with squad chat after leaving squad

(Fixed) An issue where sounds near open doors were not playing properly

(Fixed) An issue where some vegetation made no sound when players walked through it

(Fixed) Problem with private chat after blocking a friend

(Fixed) An issue where players could not perform any action after vaulting

(Fixed) An issue where players were unable to open the loot menu when looting the AI

(Fixed) An issue where players could throw a grenade through a wall under certain conditions

(Fixed) An issue where players were stuck at the first loading screen with a network error

(Fixed) Canceling a Provision/Medical animation caused the player to be unable to perform any actions.

(Fixed) An issue where the pilot would not warn players before flying

(Fixed) Issue where only 1 item appeared in seller’s stock

(Fixed) An issue where dying on a landing helicopter would lead to a friendly fire report

(Fixed) An issue where friends had the wrong offline status in some cases

(Fixed) Fallen stairs incorrect collision issue

(Fixed) Issue with empty magazines refilling after connecting to a server

(Fixed) Issue where corpses sometimes sink underground

(Fixed) Issue where clicking outside the confirmation prompt closed the prompt completely

(Fixed) Issue where the blood effect was not always present after hitting an enemy

(Fixed) An issue where AIs could not shoot players when they got too close.

(Fixed) Issue where AI in Sawmill was running out of ammo

(Fixed) Problem with AI spawning partially underground

(Fixed) Problem with AI disappearing near bushes or water in towns

(Fixed) An issue where the variant of the Type 51 pistol was set up incorrectly, resulting in missed shots

(Fixed) Issue with dead AI standing up in A-stance

(Fixed) An issue that prevented the progress of the Art of Deception and It’s in the Water quests

(Fixed) Broken landscape near Foxtrot 2 LZ

(Fixed) Multiple places where players could get stuck

(Fixed) Viper RD reticle on red dot sight

(Fixed) Various client crashes


(Changed) Reduced glitches when flying a helicopter

(Changed) Players can now rebind voice chat activation, map, health panel, inventory, tasks to a different key

(Changed) Increased time between character wipes to 1 week (from 1 hour)

(Changed) Improved shotgun slug damage

(Changed) Improving adaptive movement on sloping or uneven surfaces

(Changed) Added reminder to claim DLC rewards from Messenger

(Changed) Added safeguards to prevent exploitation of grenades to kill players and AI in FOB

(Changed) Improved quest item spawn locations for quest the more the merrier

It was then revealed that in the next major update, a day-night cycle would be introduced to Gray Zone Warfare. This was one of the key deliverables highlighted during our recent catch-up with MADFINGER’s Rick Lagnese.

Are you excited about the future of Gray Zone Warfare?

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