Gunner Optics Marvel Goggles Review

June 6, 2024 by No Comments

We’ve all heard about the “dangers” of long-term, blue light exposure to our eyes. If you are a gamer, or you work in front of a computer screen for more than 8 hours a day, you may have noticed the extra strain on your eyes. Your eyes feel dry, drained, and generally tired, and this ends your session much earlier than you would have liked. You have plenty of options to combat that feeling though, and on the gamer side, Gunnar is one of the leading brands helping in that battle.

I’ve been considering getting a pair of gaming glasses for quite some time since I spend a lot of time in front of a screen for both work and play. The problem I’ve seen with most of the ones on the market, however, is the shape and size of most of them. I like thin (vertically) lenses when I wear sunglasses, and I can tolerate being able to see the frames in my peripherals. Not when I’m gaming! I don’t want this distraction. I want to see the full real estate of my gaming screen. That’s why I was so excited when I saw Gunnar’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Edition glasses. Sure, they weren’t as sleek and stylized as other glasses, but their overall lens size is more than worth it in my book.

Physically, the Groot glasses are a bit larger than most options I’ve considered. The lenses are 52mm wide and 42mm tall and the frame width is 133mm. This means they completely cover my eyes, and then some. I literally have to move my eyes up or down to catch the frame pointing in any direction. Although it’s a bit visible on my sides, it’s right at the edge of my vision and not bothersome at all. It’s close enough to the edge of my periphery that my brain practically ignores it.

The main reason I like big lenses so much is because I can move my eyes instead of my head to focus on different parts of the screen. I’m not limited to a small area of ​​focus but instead I let my eyes move naturally around the screen. This creates a much more natural feel to the experience. It’s also very helpful that the lenses are smoke resistant. It really takes a lot of contact with them to create any noticeable oils or marks that affect the quality of what you see through them.

Another thing that’s very different from most competitors, is that the frame doesn’t have any padding, but it’s not really needed. They are made entirely of walnut wood material laminated to carbon fiber. This means they are solid, but soft to the touch. You still get the beautiful, natural wood grain look of walnut. All edges are rounded and smooth, so you don’t feel the pressure of them sitting on the bridge of your nose or your ears. In fact, you hardly feel them at all.

Now, the overall style of these glasses might be a bit of a turn off for some gamers. Maybe you want something that looks sleek and stylish. You won’t find that here. Instead, groat glasses have a simple, retro-sunglass look. They are straight, without any particular design creases or angles. Think of a pair of classic, 90’s sunglasses, and this is what you have. Personally, these specific frames work for me and I can see the same frames for my original glasses.

Although I didn’t take advantage of this feature, Gunnar can add prescription lenses to the glasses for you. You can simply provide your prescription when you order, and they can tailor the lenses to your specific eye needs. This is something I’ll definitely be doing the next time I get myself a pair, as I’d really like to incorporate these into my work day as well as my gaming time.

So, if you’re looking for a solid pair of gaming glasses that do more than what they do, the Gunner Grote glasses are definitely something to consider. They have a simple, yet polished design that focuses more on providing visual real estate and comfort than looking sleek. They come with both soft and hard cases for storage, as well as a Marvel-themed, microfiber cleaning cloth. I’m glad I waited because these are exactly what I wanted in my gaming glasses.

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