Hades II is now releasing technical tests.

April 17, 2024 by No Comments

It’s early access, but Davis is gone. Super Giant Games Now streaming live. Hades II. Calling it a technical test, the devs are playing through new mechanics, power-ups, and levels for its sequel which I gave a perfect 10 in my review. Opportunity to appear in this technical exam is possible. On the Hades II Steam page, where you’ll find an “Application Access” button below the “Add to Wish List” option. As the devs explain, the technical test will start with a small number of players that will grow over time, and when the game moves to the next phase, Early Access, more characters and game options will be available. will Access to the technical test will be handed over to players in the coming days and if you don’t get in, Davies says he’s hoping to get through that phase and as soon as he gets the playtest data back. will enter Early Access. To make sure the game is stable for the next phase.

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