Here’s a first look at the Dead by Daylight universe game Project T

May 14, 2024 by No Comments

Midwinter Entertainment, a studio under Behavior Interactive, has released a first look at its upcoming game, currently known as Project T.

Project T is a 1-4 player PvE co-op shooter currently in early development. According to Midwinter, the game is set in the Dead by Daylight universe, “introducing new characters, gameplay and settings – as well as some familiar elements for those in the know.”

In the first look, which you can see below, Project T has you playing as “transgressors” who have been taken out of their world and trapped in an entity in a region called Backwater. In the game, players have to face monsters known as “The Thrall” who take different forms and have different abilities.

Backwater, artistic director Risa Taneda said, is an ever-changing landscape that offers many gameplay features.

As of writing, there is no set release date for the game, nor are their confirmed platforms other than PC. The studio announced the Insider Program, which will allow players to help shape the game during development as well as receive regular development updates and playtest opportunities. You can sign up for the Project T Insider Program Via the game’s official website.

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