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While I appreciate how far racing games have come over the years, sometimes I just want to play a racing game that takes me back to my arcade glory days. Outrun and Cruis’n immediately spring to mind from those decades long past, serving as a clear inspiration for Horizon Chase 2. But the thing about bringing retro-style games up to date is that, sometimes, it reminds us of how good we have it today.

Horizon Chase 2 isn’t a bad game, but it only has enough runway to stretch the retro-style arcade racer that it’s trying to be. It plays more like Outrun than Cruis’n, with courses flying by at high speed with a great sense of speed. It’s so fast, in fact, that I don’t think it’s a good game for others. My wife stopped by the game room at one point and said she felt uncomfortable. This isn’t a knock on the game, as I take issue with racing games that lack a true sense of speed – Fortnite’s new racing mode immediately springs to mind as feeling too slow.

Along with this high speed comes some big trains. The game won’t let you go off track unless you do it on purpose. It feels like the wired RC car tracks of years ago where the cars never went off the track, even when you held down the small speed knob. I even looked in the settings for an option to remove the training wheels, but there is none. Combine that with the fact that I never need to use the brakes – ever – and the result is racing that lacks teeth, meaning it won’t always hold your attention.

From a content perspective, Horizon Chase 2 offers a decent suite of game modes. World Tour takes you around the world, one region at a time, unlocking new tracks and cars as you progress. Each track contains blue coins that you physically drive to collect, which are needed to upgrade the vehicle to suspension, nitro and more. Where you finish determines how many trophies you earn from each race, as well as credits, which are used to buy custom items. These are many different currencies but it is not hard to keep track of. If you’re the type of gamer who must clear 100% of everything, or every part of the map, then getting all possible trophies and coins gives Horizon Chase 2 a collection that resonates with you. Not that I would know from experience or anything.

Beyond World Tour is a playground – a place to race online against other humans if you can find them. It features cross-platform play but despite the game already being available on mobile, PC and Switch, I was rarely matched with other players. The game backfills online races with AI drivers, but this completely defeats the purpose of online adventures, making the mode completely motley. There are also online challenges, which are races with specific requirements in which you continuously try to beat your time in order to climb the global leaderboard. Online you earn tickets (yet another currency) which you redeem for more cosmetic items. If you just want to race against your friends, you have the ability to create crews of up to four players to race online and locally in split-screen.

There is also a tournament mode that features a series of races in a circuit, with which you earn points depending on where you finish. The driver with the most points after all the races wins the tournament, and this results in a hefty payout of credits, which, again, can be used to buy vehicle cosmetics like paint jobs, rims and body variants.

No matter which mode you take part in, Horizon Chase 2 has great track designs, each themed around the part of the world you’re in – RVs and palm trees in Florida. , the desert in Morocco, etc. The music is themed accordingly, which is a nice touch. During the race you will also encounter changes in time of day and weather. Barren courses may experience dust storms that reduce visibility, or for example, rain in temperate areas. Both are good inclusions that add a bit of spice to the racing itself, which can get stale at times.

Horizon Chase 2 is a quirky, retro-style arcade racer about crossing the finish line. It’s not bad, but on the track, it will struggle to keep you enthralled due to the built-in guardrails and inconsistent challenge from the AI. The apparent lack of a player base means there is no place to get online first. For those old enough to remember its inspiration, Horizon Chase 2 serves as a reminder of just how far racing games have come over the years. If you have kids or teenagers in your orbit, this is a great game to introduce them to the genre, but beyond that, I don’t know how long it will keep you entertained.

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