How long will Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 take to complete?

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to go into Marvel Spider-Man 2, its playtime is a frequently asked question. Recent AAA games like Tears of the Kingdom have set a high bar for how long stories alone can be. However, as for Insomniac, creative director Brian Intihar has already made it clear that Spider-Man 2’s length will be comparable to the first game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is 2 hours full of amazing cutscenes, gripping side activities and tons of cool photo ops. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty long, though Playtime falls shy of offering massive role-playing games. If you’re curious about how long Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is, here are the average playtimes recorded based on dozens of reviews, although completion lengths vary widely by player.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the main story length

It takes an average 15-20 hours To beat Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This involves watching all the cutscenes and continuing the main story at a leisurely pace.

By skipping the cutscenes – which hopefully, you don’t want to do on your first playthrough – you can pull that number down significantly. In total, there are 31 story missions for you to do. Even if you get lost in The City That Never Sleeps, the 20-hour mark is a good placeholder.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the longest platinum run

A completionist run will take you through Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 27-35 hours Nail down. A completionist playthrough requires you to collect all 160 collectibles, complete all 52 side missions, and unlock all of Miles and Peter’s in-game suits.

Marvel Spider-Man 2

Marco’s memories, photo ops, and mystery will take up most of your time to complete. Not to mention the 68 amazing Spider-Man suits that require crafting. All of this adds another ten hours to your playthrough, over twenty from the main story. On the other hand, if you’re planning on getting the Platinum Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the 30-hour mark is something you should prepare for.

A pro tip is to focus on doing the side activities after beating the main story. By the time you finish the fun stuff, you’ll have 90% of the achievements unlocked. Getting that platinum trophy is pretty easy.

For more pro tips about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, check out our guides section for the title.

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