How many planets are there in Star Wars? – Answered

June 11, 2024 by No Comments

Star Wars Outlaws is one of the most exciting gameplay trailers we’ve seen during Summer Game Fest, especially as Ubisoft launches forward. It looks like a mix of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars and I’m here for it! But I have a question like many of you have. How many planets are there in Star Wars Outlaws?

How many planets can we explore in Star Wars Outlaws?

In total, Star Wars Outlaws has five planets for us to venture into and explore, with quests on each to flesh out the main and side stories. Available Planets:

  • Akiva: Akiva is home to several droid factories and industrial complexes. Its big city welcomes outlaws.
  • Cantonica: A hub world full of wealthy criminals, where gambling is a daily routine for many. There’s also a luxury resort that you sneak into and pick up some stuff.
  • Kijimi: The frozen world we first saw in The Rise of the Skywalker has become a haven for criminals, subject to bandit attacks.
  • Tatooine: An iconic Star Wars planet from the movies to criminal enterprises like the Hutts is an endless expanse of desert, but full of illegal opportunities.
  • Toshara Moon: The Moon of Toshara, while not technically a planet, is a brand new location apparently created for the game. It has settlements, sprawling city and plenty of open spaces to race your speeder bike.

Does Star Wars Outlaws have space flight?

Star Wars Outlaws has some space flight, but many compare it to Starfield mechanics. You can fly around the immediate orbit of a planet or moon, but if you want to travel between two planets, you’ll need to use a hyperdrive to go into space immediately.

If this disappoints you, consider the fact that Star Wars Outlaws is not a space simulator. It’s a story about an outlaw and her friends on Earth, and spaceflight is a means to end the group.

Hopefully it will be a little more neat and fun!

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