How to Hack in Fallout 4

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The world of Fallout, especially recent entries, offers many minigames to help eliminate the monotony of exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland. One such minigame is hacking, and it’s probably the toughest of them all. Here’s how to hack in Fallout 4!

How to hack terminals in fallout 4

When you first try to unlock the Terminal in Fallout 4, it may look completely foreign. It’s a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols, with the odd random word thrown in for good measure. As the password attempts to unlock the computer you should basically focus on random looking words.

Start by choosing a word. If it’s the right password, that’s awesome! You can continue with the area. But that is unlikely. Instead, after selecting a wrong password attempt, you will notice a pop-up in the lower right side of the terminal. A pop-up notification indicates the overall “likeness” of your selection to the correct password.

Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Essentially, the “likeness” score determines the placement of characters in a correct password. So, for example, if you select “Miles” in the screenshot above, that is incorrect. It may return you a similarity score of 1, meaning that one character in “miles” is in the same position as the correct password. If you look further down, you will notice “Money”. Both the letters “M” in “Money” and “Miles” are in the same position, which leads us to 1 comparison.

If you receive a similarity score of 2, two characters in your password attempt match the actual password. Again, using the same examples, 2 can mean “M” and “E”, both of which are in the same order in both “Miles” and “Money”.

Also, it never hurts to carefully scroll your cursor through each line in the terminal. You will notice some sections are highlighted as you cross them and if you select these highlighted sections, they can remove wrong password attempts or reset your number of attempts. They are secret signs hidden throughout.

What skills affect hacking?

The primary skill that affects hacking in Fallout 4 is called Hacker. This is an Intelligence skill you can unlock early in the game with four ranks. Besides:

rank requirements Description
1 INT 4 Advanced computer encryption knowledge allows you to hack sophisticated terminals.
2 INT 4 / LVL 9 You can hack the terminals of experts.
3 INT 4 / LVL 21 You can hack master terminals.
4 INT 4 / LVL 33 When hacking, you won’t be locked out of the terminal when things go wrong.

If you want to play any kind of Intelligence build, even if it’s only part of your overall build, it’s worth reaching Intelligence 4 and maxing out Hacker. A fourth rank ability that is never unlocked from a terminal is infinitely useful throughout the Commonwealth!

Also, do yourself a favor and search Science Bobblehead in Vault 75. This permanently adds an extra chance to every terminal hacking attempt.

Before you delve into your new hacking skills, here’s a look at what’s included in the next-gen update for Fallout 4!

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