How to play PvE in Gray Zone Warfare

April 30, 2024 by No Comments

One of the most requested features of almost any tactical extraction shooter on the market is the PvE mode for casual players who don’t have time to grind. Gray Zone Warfare listens to those players. On launch day, you can play Gray Zone Warfare PvE and here’s how!

How to play PvE mode in Gray Zone Warfare

To access the PvE mode in Gray Zone Warfare, create your character and select a faction. Then, select “Join Operations” from the main menu instead of “Warfare” as your game mode in the left box.

But wait! Don’t forget to change your server location before you hit “Deploy”. It defaults to somewhere other than yours, so you’ll want to fix that!

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When you load into joint operations, it’s almost the same experience as in warfare. However, you won’t find anyone trying to kill you. No hostile players. You’ll still be able to interact with teammates who’ve joined your faction—as long as they’re also playing PvE mode—and tackle tasks. It simply eliminates the hostility of PvP!

Gray zone warfare single player?

It really depends on your definition of “single player” in gaming. Are you expecting a full offline mode with zero connections to game servers? Are you happy playing an extraction shooter solo?

If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll love to know that Gray Zone Warfare offers solo play. It’s not single-player in the traditional sense, like an offline campaign or story mode, but you’re not forced to group up with anyone. If you want to play with pubs, you can. If you have friends and want to team up from the menu, you can!

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of extraction shooters or more mainstream titles, Insider Gaming has everything you love covered!

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