How to Throw Grenades in Fallout 4

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You have a lot of unique weapons to choose from in Fallout 4, and most of them are capable of dealing with raiders. But when they are grouped or have armor, a pipe weapon is not enough. You need explosives. Here’s how to throw grenades in Fallout 4!

How to Throw a Grenade in Fallout 4

To throw grenades in Fallout 4, press and hold ‘RB‘On your Xbox controller,’R1‘ on your PlayStation controller, or ‘alt‘On your keyboard. This is the same button as your melee attack, but you’ll want to hold it a little longer.

To successfully throw grenades, you must first prepare them. You access your inventory as normal and select the throwable you want to equip. It doesn’t replace your main weapon like in previous games. You can equip both the rifle and the grenade at the same time, as they use different controls in Fallout 4.

Always equipping a throwable explosive comes in handy for dealing with ghouls, armored automatons, or pesky raiders who refuse to leave cover!

Types of Grenades in Fallout 4

Even if it’s the end of the world, there’s plenty of boom available in the Commonwealth. It seems that people can still create grenades:

  • A baseball grenade
  • Cryogenic grenade
  • A fragmentation grenade
  • Fragmentation Grenase MIRV
  • A smart fragmentation grenade
  • Hallucinogen gas grenade
  • Fury Grenade
  • A grenade of persuasion
  • Predator Grenade
  • Nuka Grenade
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Pulse Grenade

Then, of course, you have a variety of mines, smoke signals, and even Molotov cocktails to surround your enemies. They all work the same way, using the grenade-throwing button on your chosen peripheral.

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