How to turn on arachnophobia mode in grounded

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In a survival game that’s bite-sized and all about dealing with all kinds of hideous bugs and critters, some people (myself included) find dealing with the pests in Grounded a challenge. Thankfully, accessibility options have come a long way. Here’s how to turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Grounded!

How to use Arachnophobia Mod in Grounded

When you start a new game in Grounded, it asks if you want to activate any of its many accessibility options. These include a colorblind mode, narration for the hearing impaired, and an arachnophobia mode for players like me. If you choose to access this menu now, the game will direct you to all these options and more.

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However, let’s say you somehow clicked through the tutorial or, like me, tried playing the game casually before deciding it was too much. In that case, you can find the Arachnophobia mod under “ConvenienceIn ” Settings menu. This is the last tab at the top.

The third option in the list is “Arachnophobia Safe Mode,” which provides five steps. The first few steps are still very scary. You can clearly tell it’s a spider. However, the fifth and final stage transforms the arachnid into two white blobs with red eyes. It’s still creepy because it floats towards you in the game, but it’s better than the eight-legged menace!

Is Grounded scary?

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from arachnophobia, or a deep fear of bugs in general, then unfortunately, Grounded is pretty scary. You may be walking down a muddy path, scavenging for resources, when a faint sound reaches your ears. Ahead of you, through the tall grass, you spotted a dark shape moving in your direction, blades shifting in either direction. It is absolutely terrifying.

As someone with arachnophobia, I couldn’t even play with a group of friends for more than a few hours before turning on arachnophobia mode in Grounded. I really tried to experience the game the way the developer intended, but I was stuck. You’re not alone, and there’s no shame in using an accessibility option!

After you’ve activated Arachnophobia Mod, come back to Insider Gaming for additional grounded guides and more!

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