How to unlock new quests in Gray Zone Warfare

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The primary form of progression in Gray Zone Warfare is based on unlocking and completing quests in Lamang. You interact with special vendors by solving objectives on their behalf to earn rewards and better equipment. As you delve deeper into the legend, you are pushed further into the wild. But first, here’s how to unlock new quests in Gray Zone Warfare!

How to unlock quests in Gray Zone Warfare

You unlock new quests in Gray Zone Warfare by increasing your reputation with each vendor in the game. Currently, the way to get extra fame is by completing their quests. You’ll receive reputation points as a quest reward, usually between 50 and 100 for early-game quests, and before long, you’ll level up with a certain vendor.

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In addition to new quests becoming available, each vendor gets extra stock to sell as you level them up. If you want new weapons, attachments, medical support items, and clothing, you should focus on improving your relationship with each vendor.

How to complete quests in Gray Zone Warfare

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To complete quests in Gray Zone Warfare, first accept the vendor quest. You can accept all available quests simultaneously, so don’t worry about taking on too many. Then, the next time you insert via helicopter, open your character screen with ‘Tab’ and select ‘Tasks’ from the top menu. You’ll see the currently approved tasks and the goals each one needs to satisfy.

After you complete each step of the task, return to base camp and talk to the vendor again. They’ll give you a bit of dialogue, then send you a private message to your messenger service, which is the message icon in the top right of your HUD. Here, you can accept your rewards before returning to the task list for a new job.

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