I finally played Pepper Grinder.

May 5, 2024 by No Comments

A title originally teased and announced in 2022, MP2 And Ahr H Released Pepper Mill in March. MP2 is also responsible for the run and gun action adventure and absolutely brilliant The dominant goose, and you are Na Play Baba. So I felt that this game would be great in concept. I was fine. And Devolver Digital handled the publication. A match made in heaven, these three.

The game follows an ocean-loving protagonist named Pepper, and his drill, Grinder. A group of foul-mouthed pirates wrecked his ship, and looted his treasure. They fortunately left out the drill, which you’ll use to navigate through most of the game. The premise here is pretty straightforward. Drill through the dirt, collect all the items, get to the boss, get your treasure back.

As you navigate, there are no new powers. No upgrade. What you have at the start of the game is what you will have for the entire game. Grinder, a jump, and a dash you get. As you grind your way through, you can collect jewels and mostly hidden skull coins, which double as game currency. Your exercise is how you get in and out of the dirt and sand, and sometimes there are game mechanisms to keep you going, like a Donkey Kong Country-esque cannon.

Sometimes you’ll use your dash to get some extra speed, and sometimes you’ll use it to open and close doors, which adds a puzzle element. You know there are checkpoints too, because that’s when you have to hit, or you get overexcited and fall into the pit. And I’m talking about myself. After finishing each level, you can go back to get skull coins, or even complete a time trial. You know, for speeders.

There are probably about 6 rounds per level, each ending in a boss. After the first two or three levels, you can open a shop. This shop has more hit points (up to 8) in exchange for the jewels you find along the way. You can also buy cosmetics and sticker books for Pepper for some reason. Each has a secret level that is unlocked with a key. The aforementioned skull is worth about 10 coins, and is nothing more than another level to sharpen your abilities and through more optional cosmetics. And if you know me, you know how much I love cosmetics.

Again, each round of levels ends with a boss, and I found the first boss harder than the second for some reason. They don’t necessarily have a pattern, nor do they use what you’ve learned from the levels you’ve gone through. It’s just a boss. Something to stand in your way. I’d be surprised if anyone makes it through this on the first try. And no matter how far you chip away at that health bar, you have to start over every time.

This is too much. Like I said, it’s a pretty straight forward game. It’s out now for cheap on Steam, PC, and Nintendo Switch. If you want a cool straight forward game, pick this up. I recommend it. Just try not to get frustrated with the first boss. He is terrible.

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