IKEA has revealed a brand new gaming range called BRÄNNBOLL

April 15, 2024 by No Comments

IKEA has just unveiled BRÄNNBOLL, a brand new collection of furniture designed for gamers. It’s a versatile and diverse series that includes twenty new items, all designed to support gamers in different ways. It is largely centered around seating, but storage solutions, baskets, cabinets and side tables also make their way into the collection.

‘Gaming is for everyone’

in A blog post has been published On the IKEA website, the main desire of the BRÄNNBOLL range is explained:

With BRÄNNBOLL, we embrace the idea that gaming belongs to everyone and everywhere in the home. It’s about making it easier for people to create spaces that accommodate gaming, living and everything in between. We hope this collection encourages friends and families to get involved together, creating joy and connection through shared gaming experiences.

The BRÄNNBOLL collection includes a few knick-knacks, including a throw, rug and mouse pad, but the majority of the set is made up of furniture items. BRÄNNBOLL isn’t the most obvious range for gamers, as it’s designed to break away from the ‘traditional gaming design’ elements we’re familiar with. It boasts a ‘playful, unique look’ that can – at times – ‘physically engage the player’.

That’s prestigious for a chair or side table, but who am I to judge?

BRÄNNBOLL will be released in all IKEA markets from September 2024.

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