Interview: Arena Breakout: Infinite with producer Henri Sun

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Since launching in closed beta in early May, Arena Breakout: Infinite has been a hit with extraction shooter fans looking for something different from Escape From Tarkov. Insider Gaming recently had the opportunity to speak with Arena Breakout: Infinite producer Henri Sun for an exclusive interview.

In the interview, we talk about the success of the beta and feedback from players, allegations of plagiarism from Battlestate Games, escaping the PR nightmare that Battlestate Games found itself in, a possible console release, and more.

Arena Breakout: Infinite Interview

With the game now in closed beta, what kind of feedback from players have you experienced? What are some positives and negatives to take away from players?

    Onry Son: We’re excited about the overwhelming love and enthusiasm we’ve seen from players around the world for Arena Breakout: Infinite since our beta test began. In less than a month, both total beta signups and Steam wishlists on our official website surpassed 1 million. We now have nearly 400,000 members in our Discord community. These metrics exceeded our expectations, especially considering the beta launched a few weeks ago.

    Many players have expressed their excitement about Arena Breakout: Infinite on social media and in our community. Noted streamer Shroud also stated in one of his streams: “This is probably the best extraction shooter out there right now… (it) has the best quality of life I’ve ever seen.”

    As we continue development, we’ve received valuable feedback and suggestions from players around the world regarding game optimization, bug reports, server performance, and more. We greatly value player feedback and are fully committed to addressing and fixing these issues in future updates.

    How do you convince players who are on the fence to give the game a try? Some may look at it and think it’s just a mobile game and don’t give it a second thought.

      Onry Son: Since beta testing began, we’ve had nearly 2,000 streamers stream Arena Breakout: Infinite live on Twitch, accumulating more than 36,000 hours of broadcast time. I think this overwhelming response from so many PC streamers speaks for itself.

      We started development on Arena Breakout: Infinite before AB Mobile’s global release – it’s been three years now. ABI was designed and optimized for the PC platform from the ground up, incorporating elements tailored to the preferences and habits of PC FPS players. As some might imagine, this isn’t just about porting AB Mobile to another platform.

      Furthermore, with the improved hardware performance of PC devices, we have been able to explore more complex design and production elements including lighting, atmosphere, in-game TOD and more VFX in the current version and upcoming updates.

      I am confident that once players get into the game, they will immediately recognize that ABI is a game designed for the PC platform.

      Can mobile and PC players play together or are they two separate games entirely?

        Onry Son: Arena Breakout: Infinite and Arena Breakout Mobile are two different games. Considering the ease of operation differences between mobile and PC that can lead to game balance issues, we decided not to implement cross-platform gameplay.

        Will there be a console release?

          Onry Son: For now, our main focus will be on the PC platform, where we will continue to improve and expand our game’s content and gameplay. Considering the mechanical differences (controller vs. keyboard) between consoles and PCs and their impact on Extraction Shooter gameplay, we recognize that a console release requires thorough research and thoughtful discussion to ensure a better control experience.

          Please stay tuned to our official announcements for any updates regarding new platforms.

          What can you say about the accusations and accusations from Battlestate Games about cheating in Arena Breakout: Infinite? They seem to be going very heavy with them.

            Onri Son: We respect the intellectual property rights of others and believe in the importance of IP protection. Alleged copyright infringement is untrue. Our current focus is to ensure that the beta runs smoothly so that we receive player feedback and deliver the best game we can without getting caught up in the buzz on Twitter.

            Speaking of BSG and Escape From Tarkov drama over the last few weeks, how do you make sure that more fun and Arena Breakout: Infinite doesn’t have the same communication issues with its audience?

              Onry Son: As game developers I believe it is critical to maintain positive and effective two-way communication with our players around the world. From AB Mobile’s global release to now Arena Breakout: Infinite, we’ve consistently made it a priority to listen to the community. Since beta testing began, we’ve established various user communication channels, including in-game channels, official social media platforms, Discord groups, and more. These channels ensure that we receive timely feedback and suggestions from players and streamers around the world.

              In addition, we conducted multiple user interviews and hosted “Developer AMA” sessions to inform the community about our latest progress and provide transparent responses. We value all feedback received from our players.

              Obviously free-to-play means monetization in some way, so what are the plans for in-game monetization and how do we make sure the game doesn’t turn into a pay-to-win experience that alienates and alienates players?

                Onry Son: Thanks for bringing up this question. I know this is something that many players care about and worry about.

                First of all, I strongly believe that “free to play” does not equal “pay to win”. We have adopted a “F2P” model so that anyone interested in ABI can download and play the game without any barriers.

                Although paid content options are available in ABI, they do not affect gameplay or fairness in any way. Instead, they offer convenience and personalization features. Players have the option to pay for specific amenities such as safes, additional warehouse space, a Battle Pass, as well as personalized appearances and melee weapons. However, it’s important to note that paying players don’t get a direct advantage in combat capabilities. The in-game economy is not designed to push players to “pay for in-game money”. We ensure that more players can get enough money in the game without paying to provide a positive gaming experience.

                In Arena Breakout Infinite, payment does not guarantee success. Even if you are fully equipped, there is a high chance of defeat from other players – you can still lose everything. Victory or defeat is determined by factors such as shooting skill, tactical ability and a deep understanding of the game, all of which cannot be bought.

                What is being done to combat any potential hacking or fraudsters? We know there is anti-cheat but is there anything else to stop it from happening? Are there plans to prevent banned players from creating new accounts?

                  Onry Son: Arena Breakout: Infinite uses advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring systems to detect and combat fraudulent behavior, ensuring a fair and clean gaming environment. Our experience dealing with fraud issues during the release of AB Mobile has given us valuable insight and will allow us to improve our ability to combat blackmail and fraudsters in the PC version.

                  Unfortunately, no technology can guarantee a 100% anti-cheating rate. There is also the risk of false prohibition. We continuously improve and optimize our anti-cheating algorithms and methods based on extensive testing and feedback from the community.

                  With this in mind, we are introducing a “Kill Cam” feature in the upcoming version, which will allow players to better predict whether they have been defeated by cheaters.

                  Besides being free to play, what would you say makes Arena Breakout: Infinite different from other extraction shooters? Why should anyone try the game?

                    Onry Son: Arena Breakout: Infinite is the first free-to-play GaaS (Games as a Service) extraction shooter on the market, and we are committed to providing players with consistent content and services. This is one of our strongest competitive advantages. ABI’s gameplay is straightforward: equip, fight, and capture. Every aspect of the game is designed with this core gameplay loop in mind.

                    Unlike many other extraction shooters that require players to play every day to earn loot and not fall behind, Arena Breakout takes a different approach. Players can join anytime during the season and get a unique experience. Rather than emphasizing RPG-style accumulation, our focus is on providing a repeatable and consistent single-match-based experience. Our current motto is, “Easy Come, Easy Play, Easy Go, Easy Return.” We hope to lower the barrier of entry for extraction shooters so that more people can enjoy the genre.

                    Player data has been at the forefront of conversations lately. What is being done to keep player information safe, especially when it’s a game that allows players to spend real money?

                      Onri Son: We strictly adhere to each country’s data security regulations and ensure proper and secure storage of players’ game data. We take the privacy and protection of players’ data very seriously.

                      Is there a development roadmap for the game? What kind of updates are planned for the game post release? Are there any new game modes or maps?

                        Onry Son: We focus on two main components. The first part involves creating a diverse range of maps, weapons and additional content to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for a variety of players, including casual and hardcore gamers. We will continue to introduce new maps, weapons, game modes and other elements to maintain a healthy and engaging cycle of game content.

                        Additionally, as a GaaS title, we recognize the importance of providing good services alongside game content. This includes optimizing game performance, implementing effective anti-cheating measures, streamlining the economy, balancing gameplay mechanics, and more. This commitment to service-based content is our long-term vision.

                        Do you have a timetable or set release date for Arena Breakout: Infinite’s 1.0?

                          Onry Son: Due to the overwhelming response and feedback, we plan to continue the CBT for Arena Breakout: Infinite as we plan to launch the game later this year. Stay tuned for more official announcements soon!

                          Arena Breakout: Infinite is currently in closed beta. Interested players can join Sign up on the game’s official website.

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