Is Doom: The Dark Ages Coming to PlayStation?

May 25, 2024 by No Comments

Following the reboot and the immense success of Doom Eternal, it was only a matter of time before id Software and Bethesda Software, with Microsoft at the helm, pushed us back into Doom’s extreme first-person shooter gameplay. We knew it was coming. But is Doom: The Dark Ages coming to PlayStation 5 or PS4?

Will Doom: The Dark Ages launch on PlayStation consoles?

Unfortunately, there is no word yet on whether Doom: The Dark Ages will launch on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4. However, with Microsoft’s recent initiative to launch their first-party titles on everything available, we can safely assume that the upcoming Doom game will launch everywhere. systems like Sea of ​​Thieves on PlayStation 5.

That said, it may not be released on PlayStation systems for a day. The first-person shooter franchise, which debuted on PC in 1993, has continued to attract an impressive audience with each release—especially since its reboot in 2016. Microsoft could capitalize on the hype of the first-person shooter series by launching. First bringing the title to PC and Xbox consoles and then to Sony fans worldwide.

What is Doom: Age of Darkness?

Right now, we know very little about the gameplay, story, or mechanics of the upcoming Doom: The Dark Ages. However, we know we’ll see more at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9 after Summer Game Fest.

Furthermore, we know that the game is set in medieval times. We get to see a future-meets-past test as everyone’s favorite Doom Guy is transported back to face the forces of Hell in a time of sword and shield. Do we use the sword or the mace? Nobody knows! But hopefully, we can wreak havoc all the same!

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